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Russian President Vladimir Putin defined the following goals in his "May decrees": it is necessary to double the volume of non-resource-based, non-energy export to $ 250 billion by 2024, and to increase the supply of engineering products to 50 billion. the annual export of services should grow to 100 billion dollars, including education, medicine, tourism, transport.

  Tomsk Oblast is in the trend of these processes - the priority is in support of non-resourse-based high-tech export is reflected in a number of regional strategic planning documents. For example, INO Tomsk, the Strategy of Social and Economic Development of Tomsk Oblast, regional program for the development of small and medium-sized business and others.

  Today there is already some success in the sphere of non-resource-based high-tech export of Tomsk Oblast. Arkady Eskin, the president of Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry said about them at "Community", recent forum of Public Chamber of Russia.

  The Head of Tomsk CCI emphasized that the production and innovative small and medium enterprises may become the main group of enterprises, which can ensure a "breakthrough" of Tomsk products and services to the world markets, as well as the production of competitive products for companies-leaders of national economy.

  It should be noted that at the same time, the discussion of national policy of support of non-resource-based products was carried out within the framework of the design workshops of Russian Export Center at the World Trade Center in Moscow. At the invitation of REC, the representatives of Tomsk CCI took part in the work of the project workshop on the development of regional export environment as experts, because Tomsk Oblast is significant at the federal level in the development of regional export activity.

  It is facilitated by a purposeful policy of development of the export environment of region, Tomsk Oblast Administration, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Tomsk business. Here are some examples, confirming our observations.

  Regional Export Support Center was created as one of the first in Russia on the basis of Tomsk CCI with the support of regional authorities and during 7 years of its activity it was able to develop a whole system of services to support export-oriented companies. It includes consulting support, consultations on topical issues of foreign trade activities conduct, specialized seminars, organization of business missions and b2b meetings in Tomsk with foreign business, professional translation of presentation materials and websites of Tomsk export-oriented companies, marketing research of foreign markets, assistance in search of partners and many other things.

  Sergei Zhvachkin, the Governor of Tomsk Oblast, signed an agreement on cooperation of our region with Russian export center in St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2016, and in 2017, following the development of these agreements, Arkady Eskin, president of Tomsk CCI, and Petr Fradkov, general director of REC, signed an agreement on the creation of REC point of presence in our region on the basis of Tomsk CCI.

  Agreements for the provision of REC services on the basis of Tomsk CCI have expanded the range of "single window" services for export-oriented business support, allowing the creation of a pool of mutually complementary services for Tomsk exporters.

  Tomsk regional export support system allowed region to take the fourth place in national rating of the quality of export environment of 2017, which is performed by "REC JSC. This fact shows that the region has managed to create an effective system of exporters' support, combining the capabilities of CCI system, state support for export-oriented business, services of Russian Export Center. These things help Tomsk business to put  its products to foreign markets in the conditions of severe competition.

  Customs statistics and data from the analytical portal of REC JSC for the first 4 months of this year show a steady growth (by 20.5%) of regional export, where the share of non-resource-based non-energy export was 75%. The growth of regional export was ensured by the supply of high-level processed Tomsk products, primarily to the markets of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Tajikistan. The countries of the EEA, the CIS, Southeast Asia and East Asia are the most promising markets for further expansion of Tomsk products according to experts.

  Double-digit growth (in %) to the same period in 2017 was shown by such groups of goods as woodworking products (first of all, chipboard and MDF boards); electrical devices and communication equipment; optics, instruments and medical equipment; cable production; control and measuring devices for electrical quantities and radiation, as well as for liquids and gases; tool; electrical converters; pharmaceutical products; fruits and nuts, various food products; feeding-stuffs; lighting equipment.

  Despite of high competition in the world market, Tomsk companies, exporting high-tech products, are conquering global markets. Export of high-tech products needs support, which is a vital necessity for our region.

  Export Support Center, acting on the basis of Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support of Tomsk Oblast Administration, the Ministry of Economic Development of the RF and Regional Business Development Fund, is a "key link" in support of products and services export of this sector.

  In order to help Tomsk business to enter foreign markets, the center offers:

  Organization of business missions and reception of foreign delegations with exchanges of contacts in Tomsk;

  Consultations on questions of export activities, including the involvement of external profile experts (services for the preparation (examination) of export contract, advice on customs, currency and tax legislation in the implementation of export transactions, calculation of logistics, etc.).

  Search for potential partners and verification of their reliability.

  Preparation of presentation materials of companies in foreign language.

  Translation of materials from sites of Tomsk companies from Russian into a foreign language.

  Marketing researches of foreign market.

  These services are implemented within the framework of regional program for the development of business and the activities of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and performed on a preferential basis for small and medium-sized enterprises of Tomsk Oblast.

  Let's remind once again that Tomsk CCI is "REC" JSC point of presence in our region, and, therefore, Tomsk companies also have the opportunity to use the financial and non-financial products of REC. This is the reimbursement of costs on international certification for the export of high-tech products, international patenting or maintenance of the patent in force, for the transportation of products. "REC" also co-finances the cost of participation in international exhibitions abroad and in Russia, provides credit and guarantee support through ROSEXIMBANK, insurance support through EKSAR agency. Besides, REC provides assistance in free sale certificates issue, export license issue, posts of information on export products on Asian electronic trading platforms, as well as about export-oriented companies in Russian export products catalogue.

  Thus we can say that Tomsk Oblast has created an integrated system for export support, including high-tech products, with the infrastructure for exporters support and measures to develop export environment. You can get more information about planned events, innovations in currency, customs legislation, analytical materials in the sphere of foreign economic activity at the specialized Internet portals of Tomsk Oblast:

  Portal of foreign economic information - http://ved.tomsk.ru ,

  "Small and medium business of Tomsk Oblast" - http://mb.tomsk.ru ,

  Site of Tomsk CCI http://tomsktpp.ru

  CCI page in Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tomsktpp.ru


  Egor Ilyin, “MIKRAN” company

- Most of our company's export comes from countries where Tomsk CCI has organized trade and economic missions. Thanks to these missions, we could have found partners and customers. We could have entered the markets of Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia and a number of other countries. We supply communication systems, measuring and radar-location equipment.

  I see two very useful points for business from cooperation with Tomsk CCI, its Export Support Center. Firstly, when company is just beginning to engage into foreign economic activities. Such an instrument as business missions is very effective for them. It gives contacts with foreign countries, introduces their business, adjusts their own business strategies.

  Secondly, when company is firmly engaged into foreign economic activity, but it does not have its own structure which can support and accompany this activity. In this case, company needs experts who can advise on customs legislation, currency regulation, registration of certificates of origin, contracts, etc. The support of a structure like CPE, in this case, helps business a lot.

  Anastasia Eryomina, "Novaya Khimiya" company

- One year ago, thanks to Tomsk CCI, I knew about REC programs, in particular, on the promotion of participation in international exhibitions. In July 2017, with the support of Chamber experts, I applied to the REC for participation in the International Toy Exhibition in Nuremberg (Germany). Specialists of CPE supervised me, helped to create the site and translated it into English. At the exhibition which was held in January this year, REC organized a collective stand where we have presented our product, kinetic plasticine, which caused great interest among foreign exhibitors. Now we are working on contacts and have already shipped trial lots to Germany and Italy, we are starting to cooperate with AMAZON.com. Internet site.

Tatiana Peregudina, “Sibspetsproject”

- We produce electrical products for industrial enterprises, and we are very interested in supply of our products to foreign markets. Tomsk CCI and Export Support Center help us in this direction a lot. First of all, by consultations, assistance in registration of certificates of origin and many other things. In the framework of trade and economic missions organized by CCI, we went to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam. We work with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, at the same time we consult all the time with the specialists from Chamber. It really helps the foreign economic promotion of our business.
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