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Tomsk region is on 4th place in rating of innovative regions of Russia

Tomsk region was included in the group of strong innovators, improving their position in comparison with the previous year by three points in the Ranking prepared by the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia. It is added that value of the index of innovative development is 0,6 in the Tomsk region that constitutes 156,7% of the average index about the country. The group of leaders also included Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tatarstan.

In 2016 in the ranking accounted for six new indicators integrated into the unit "Innovative activity in the region" (summaries activity in the application of innovation support tools). In the level of innovation activity Tomsk region ranked second place (250.6% of the national average). The sub-ratings "Scientific research and development" our region is located on the third position (161.6% of the national average)
Amount of SMEs-exporters of Tomsk region increased JSC "Siberian Chemical Combine" will invest 63 million rubles for modernization of the radiation monitoring system