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Mikhail Prokhorov 2015.12.15

I am interested in one of the queries. How do I get the coordinates of this company?

Call us or leave your request in the section communicate. Do not forget to include your contact !!! We will send you everything.

Michael Khodorkovsky 2015.12.15

If I'm looking for a business partner in Germany - I have to fill out an application in German?

No. You just need to send us the questionnaire in Russian, carefully fill in all its sections. We own to translate documents into English is the English language is recognized as a working language in many countries.

Jacob Zuckerman 2015.12.15

Why your services are free for business?

Russian network of Euro Info Centres is the largest partner of the European Information Network, which has existed for more than 20 years in Europe, and all this time kazyvaetosnove business. We are "playing" by the rules